10th Nov. Working on the outputs! – Pronti per disseminare i nostri risultati

The day started out sunny, barely any clouds in the sky, we could finally enjoy one of the biggest gifts from Italy – warmth.
Today was more analytical, our task was to create a brochure compiling a quick explination and guide about climate change, its main causes and possible solutions.
We were divided into teams, incouraging us to work together and gather a much wider perspective in graphic design, personal opinions or very tiny aspects like “what font should we use”, “i think this is a pixel off”. Either way, we had the whole day to work on our project.
First, we had to get the main idea down. How do we put such a massive concept onto a tiny piece of paper? How do we make this understandable to the common man? Does this look better with red or green? All of those questions got resolved rather fast.
Once that was done, we started our second stage – actually making the brochure.
Thanks to Mother Google and effecient teamwork, we found enough resources to make our ideas bloom into fruition.
In a moment, we had created a bold, easy to understand, yet still fleshed out brochure.
After the job was done, a nice warm dinner was only suitable. The day ended with far more knowledge than any of us expected, new ideas and most importantly – determination.
Nothing in life can be done by one person, what we truly need is a community.
You can see our brochure here:
(written by the Latvian team)