Tuesday 9 November – un martedì con tanto di candeline sulla torta!

Tuesday 9 November
The day started with an unexpected change of a plan as we eventually didn’t manage to go for our little hiking adventure, but that didn’t bring the team down.
When gathered in the training room after the “buongiornos” we went outside and got active with our first energizer of the day, some of us managed to become the princesses we’ve always dreamt of.
What continued was an introduction about the latest G20 meeting and what was discussed there. We then were prompted to team up in 5 random groups, brainstorm and come up with a plan with which we would manage to fight the climate change, we had a fund promised by Elon Musk of 6 billion dollars.
Lunch break paused the process.
When we returned we continued with the pitch presentation of our ideas, shared our views with the rest of the groups, discussed on the different ideas proposed and had the chance to fund the best for us.
It was time for the Greek coffee break, which fueled us perfectly for the next session to begun.
The next activity consisted of us splitting again in 4 groups and rotating through the different tables in which we would answer to various questions with regards to overexploitation of natural resources, energy consumption and carbon footprint, waste and pollution, and healthy and sustainable nutrition. What followed was the debriefing of the informative and edifying activity that proceeded.
The evening was all about Greek way of living and celebrating Orlando’s birthday, we danced, tried traditional food and beverages and generally had fun!










(written by the Greek team)