Second day of activities ;)

Sunday in Paola started with clear sky and warm beach weather. That was good because we had sandy activities waiting for us – however, there were some special surprises for us before that in the associantion centre.
In order to test out our artistic side and bond with each other, we drew other people’s portraits and began our secret friendships which we’ll continue throughout the whole week!
When that was completed – time for the beach! There, we had a chance to learn more about sailing and even try out our own skills. Later, we enjoyed a cold but refreshing swim, and participated in a beach cleanup that allowed us to both enjoy the beautiful seaside views, but also do something good for the environment and community.
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When we came back, it was time for us to learn more about our ecological footprint. The results were often negatively shocking, but definitely helped us put things into perspectice and understand what each of us could improve in our daily lives and habits.
In the evening, it was time for the Latvian cultural night! We had a chance to get a taste of the Latvian traditional cuisine, learn some interesting facts about the country, as well as do what Latvians love most – go outside and enjoy the weather with some games and dances!
We hope you enjoyed the day and learned a lot! And, in case you ever feel a bit out of shape, here is our lovely Genoveva to include some squats into your daily life!
(written by the Latvian team)