First day of activities!

Let’s go out is started! The day started with energeezer and ice breaker, related to the formation of the group and knowledge of the names.

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Then the discussion on expectations, fears and contributions was dealt with, which each participant posted anonymously on a billboard. Lunch was consumed at the school in Paola, “ipseoa San Francesco” partner of the project.
In the afternoon the boys, divided into 3 groups, went out to discover the city: they lead a bit about culture of Paola , tried to dance and speak in Italian, and at the same time they saw places of artistic and historical interest of the city .

The final product of the activity was exhibited in the classroom by each group, and the exhibition was also attended by the rapresentant the mayor  the town, Marianna Saragò and the representative of the  nautical club Riccardo Ferrari, both valuable stakeholders of the project.

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In this regard, the Paolab association gave a tribute to both, to thank them for their commitment and collaboration.
The last phase of the activities was dedicated to the “Group agreement”: rules and  were proposed and shared together.

After dinner the intercultural evenings began: Italy was the first, with typical dances, foods and curiosities, sharing to the rest group.


(written by the Italian team)