The last dance! – Ultimo giro di valzer per lo scambio giovanile “Lets go out”

12.11.2021: The last dance!
A tough last morning, others easier, others harder, but eventually everyone woke up and we all gathered in our familiar now activity room. The time was limited so we immediately dived into discussing about the Erasmus+ and it’s 3 Key Actions, we learned about the projects and learning opportunities each action provides, some of us got motivated to take part in more projects and volunteering experiences and others got a better understanding of the whole concept of these mobilities in general.
We agreed that our dissemination product will be the brochure we made, each national team will translate it in their own language and we will all share it everywhere. We then discussed about formal, non-formal and informal education, we answered questions as for where we have experienced these different forms of education and spotted their differences.
It was time for our last lunch together, which finished with a special dessert, a cake on which the title of the project that connected us all was written down, “Let’s go Out”.
We took a picture with the students who were serving us for all these days, thanked them and said the first goodbye.
On our way back home, aka the hostel, we stopped at the seaside and made the Youthpass ceremony by the beach, each participant got a Youthpass of a different participant, we were prompted to express our feelings and what connect us with that person and give them their Youthpass.
We reached the hostel and the departures begun, Spanish team was the first one to leave followed by the Greek team, Latvians would be the last ones to leave Paola the next morning, we said our goodbyes and promised to visit each other’s home countries in the future!
(written by the greek team)
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