Our last project in Latvia !

From the 6th to the 14th of September 2022 we, as the Italian Team, took part in the
program organised by the Paolab organization. The аim оf the prоject, financed by the EU Erasmus+ programme, was to increase our opportunity career. The Italian team was composed by 6 people from different areas of the country and with various professional and educational backgrounds.

It was not difficult for Italians to settle in Lativa, this experience in fact was far beyond our
expectations. Different people, different souls and each person with something to teach and a past to tell. We took everything we needed giving to other people bits of our daily life. The result? An absurd mix of cultures and a great desire to make friends and
collaborate together. Of course, the project was not just about working, during the free time we had a lot of fun knowing people with different cultures and languages. That gave us the opportunity to discover such a fascinating variety in our cultures, with plenty of activities
and especially during the intercultural nights.

In this project in Latvia, we deepened our understanding in several aspects of other cultures, focusing on finding ideas to tackle issues related the youth employment and other major current problems. During the project we had the possibility to boost our soft skills in some major fields, for example public speaking, communication and team working. For example, we had to arrange presentation to better promote out idea and to speak in front of the whole group. Finally, the most important one: how to make a respectful debate giving to everyone space to share their own opinion.

Now we are back home with greater awareness, with a wealth of experience and more entrepreneurial knowledge.

(written by Nicola Serio, group leader for the italian team)